Paving Mazes

A maze is just as effective when created as paving in two dimensions to be walked upon and seen from high vantage points. With no vertical barriers, it is a space for informal enjoyment and play, and opens up views across the landscape.

Laid as continuous areas of paving, Mazes and Labyrinths enliven atriums and concourses, as well as outdoor courtyards. Contrasting colours of marble, stone, brick or tiles achieve each precisely intended character.

Adrian has also pioneered the "Path in Grass" method, where stone or brick paths replace the grass path of the traditional turf labyrinth.


"Adrian Fisher built the Archbishop's Maze at Greys Court in 1981. He would not say the same, but I think it is his masterpiece. Never before or after I walked a labyrinth, where my soul and body moved in such a harmony"

Gernot Candolini, Austrian author of various books on Labyrinths

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